George Atsonios was born and raised on one of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades named Sifnos, which is known for its ceramics trade for over 200 years. Sifnos is where he began to express his ideas on clay and was taught the pottery craft by his father, Simeon Atsonios, who worked at a pottery located in a small village named Heronissos.


It is worth noting that ceramics developed in Sifnos because the soil had all the necessary raw materials for creating refractory ceramic clay and because fuel (i.e. bushes and branches) was abundant nearby the wood-fired kilns. Migrant potters of Sifnos transferred the art to many islands, as well as various parts of the mainland of Greece and, thus, are the founders of the current development of ceramics in Maroussi and the surrounding areas. Likewise, in 1956, Simeon and George Atsonios moved to Maroussi and established their own pottery, which operates until today.


George Atsonios is a multi-award winning Sifnian potter of Maroussi who has taught the art to his children Maria and Simeon, which continue the tradition with the same passion and love for pottery art. Maria and Simeon Atsonios have enriched the family tradition with new ideas in regard to pottery designs and form, while creating their handmade pottery art, along with their father, in their pottery studio in Maroussi.


Besides their pottery studio in Maroussi, exhibition and pottery for sale is available at Peristeriona, a pottery shop located in the port of Kamares, Sifnos, which operates during the summer since 1989.